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In 2016, Monaco saw its real estate values climb 15 percent. In fact, over the last 10 years, prices in Monaco have increased 180 percent because of an increase in demand. Members of the global elite want their own little piece of Monaco and are willing to pay for it. This demand is motivating developers to build new homes and fancy apartment and condo buildings.

Due to this growth and demand, Monaco became one the best, most sought after luxury real estate markets in the world; similarly to Hong-Kong, London, Moscow, and New York. Additionally, the unique characteristics of the Monaco real estate market makes it a great location for real estate investors to make money.

Monaco Real Estate in International Investment Forums

Real estate investment forums are handy tools for anyone interested in buying or selling property. They exist all over the world, and they typically have resources available to both buyers and sellers to help with either a home search or the selling process. Oftentimes, the forums have a number of discussion boards where visitors can ask real estate-related questions. One of the most popular questions in real estate investment forums is,“Where should I invest in real estate?”

All serious investors know that potential value appreciation and rental income in free market economies are driven by supply and demand. In fact, this is the answer to why properties in Monaco keep going up in value. The demand is high to accommodate the rising number of millionaires wishing to relocate to Monaco, mainly for tax reasons and low supply due to the size of the principality. Given the performance of the property market in Monaco over the last decade, it is surprising that real estate investment forums are not covering Monaco in the same way as other markets such as London or New York.

The best real estate investment forums include:

• Global Institutional Real Estate Investor Forum: This international real estate investment forum has more than 100 global LPs, including endowments, pension funds, sovereign funds, foundations, and consultants,making it a great platform for investors to discuss elite real estate investment opportunities.

• PROEstate International Real Estate Investment Forum: In business for 11 years now, PROEstate offers a platform for investors to transform strategies and ideas into successful real estate projects.

Wall Street Oasis: Set up much like PROEstate and the Global Institutional Real Estate Investor Forum, Wall Street Oasis is a mecca of real estate knowledge and boasts numerous active discussion boards. The forum also makes it easy for investors to ask new questions, and responsesappear soon after a question is submitted.

As property values continue to climb, now is a great time for serious investors with larger amounts of capital that needs a safe place to grow to look at Monaco.

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