Expo 2010 Monaco

In 2010, Shanghai, China, hosted the World Expo along the banks of the Huangpu River. The popular event lasted from May 1 to Oct.31, and it was such an important event that it was registered by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). Since 2000, all major international expositions and fairs have been registered by the Bureau International des Expositions.

The theme of the 2010 World Expo was “Better City – Better Life,” and it solidified Shanghai’s status as a 21st-century great world city. However, what really set the 2010 World Expo apart from others were its size and the number of visitors. For starters, it had the most participating countries out of any other expo and was even the most expensive eventin expo and world fair history. Additionally, at 5.28 square kilometers, the event took up more space than any other expo.

More than 73 million people attended the event, and 246 international organizations and countries participated. The event set a single-day record with more than 1.03 million visitors on Oct. 16, 2010.

How Monaco Participated in the 2010 World Expo

Monaco was one of the 246 international organizations and countries that participated. NAÇO Architecture designed Monaco’s 2,000-square-meter pavilion at the expo. It even featured a movie that showed visitors an in-depth look at the Monaco Grand Prix and showcased a prototype of the Venturi Volage, a new luxury ecological car made in Monaco.

Additionally, upon entering the Monaco pavilion, visitors were privy to a six-minute-long animated video titled “Monaco, a rock for eternity.” The video, which was created specifically for the expo,took viewers on an adventure back to prehistoric times.

The cinema where the animated movie and the Monaco Grand Prix movie were screened was perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Monaco pavilion. With the ability to accommodate 250 people, the cinema had a 56-meter high-definition screen.

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