Monaco Residence Permit

A Monaco residency permit offers many privileges, including tax benefits, although buying or renting a property in Monaco does not automatically entitle one to a permit.  All foreigners, including EU citizens, older than 16 years old who wish to reside in the Principality of Monaco -or- stay longer than three months per year, must meet other requirements before they can obtain a Monaco residency card.

Lepidus Property works with an experienced and reputable consulting firm based in Monaco, which can assist our clients with the process of obtaining the residence card; our assistance includes:

  • Obtaining long-term visa – “visa d’établissement” for non-EU citizens
  • Filling out the application forms
  • Collection of the requested/required documents (including appropriate property ownership proof/rental agreement)
  • Preparing for the preliminary interview
  • Renewal of your residence permit


Monaco Residency Permit
Monaco Residency Permit

Monaco Residence Permit Application Process

The first step involves completion of the application forms and collection of all necessary documents.   The application forms can be obtained from the Residents Section of the Directorate of Public Security or downloaded from the Public Services section of the Monaco Government website.

It should be noted that the none European Union citizens wishing to apply for a residence permit out of Monaco might need a visa or long-term stay permit. This can be done at the French Embassy in Monaco or at a French consulate in the country of residence.  Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to apply for a residence permit.

The following is a list of main documents which are required:

  • Proof of identity:  passport, identity card, birth certificate
  • Criminal record letter from the Police in the last country of residence
  • Evidence of appropriate accommodation in Monaco (rental agreement or proof of property ownership)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds:  reference letter from a local bank, certificate of employment, proof of pension, other evidence of sufficient financial resources

All documents must be in French.  If they are not in French, they must be translated into French

The final step in the application process for Monaco Residence Permit is to schedule an appointment with the Residents Section. During the interview, all documentation will be reviewed and verified. If the necessary documentation is in order and the request is approved, a residence permit will be issued

If you would like to obtain a residence card in Monaco, we invite you to read more information on the official website of Princely Government of Monaco.