A Monaco residency permit offers many privileges, including tax benefits, although buying or renting a property in Monaco does not automatically entitle one to a permit.  All foreigners, including EU citizens, older than 16 years old who wish to reside in the Principality of Monaco -or- stay longer than three months per year, must meet other requirements before they can obtain a Monaco residency card.
Lepidus Properties works with an experienced and reputable consulting firm based in Monaco which can assist our clients with the process of obtaining the residence card;  you may need help/assistance with:
  • Obtaining long-term visa – “visa d’établissement” for non-EU citizens
  • Filling out the application forms
  • Collection of the requested/required documents (including appropriate property ownership proof/rental agreement)
  • Preparing for the preliminary interview
  • Renewal of your residence permit
If you would like to obtain a residence card in Monaco, we invite you to read more information on the official website of Princely Government of Monaco. Our assistance/guidance can smooth the process for you.