Lepidus Property has been successfully connecting discerning buyers and sellers of premium real estate in the most desirable locations in the world. By carefully listening to our clients, we are able to offer a bespoke personal service ensuring that we deliver and meet all of their property aspirations.

Lepidus Property deals with premium real estate, successfully connecting buyers and sellers to find their ideal investment. We bring a large inventory of enchanting property listings in the most desirable locations worldwide that fit our clients’ needs. We offer a personal service to all our clients, carefully listening to what they want and then making it a reality. We are committed to delivering the ultimate investment opportunity that will fulfil all your property aspirations.

The experience and knowledge harnessed by our extensive network of partner agents have equipped us with invaluable expertise in the luxury property market. We manage the needs of our clients on the ground, ensuring that they get access to the best and most exclusive property listings available in multiple countries worldwide.

We also have expertise in niche markets such as boutique hotels and French chateaux. You will find a large selection of exclusive off-market properties that are sure to cater to your every need. From modern apartments in the biggest metropolitan cities to luxury homes in the countryside, Lepidus Property holds a diverse and exclusive portfolio of real estate internationally. We offer our clients the following key property types:

  • Big-city apartments with luxury amenities or heritage flair.
  • Enchanting castles and chateaus.
  • Exclusive waterfront villas and estates.
  • Mountainview holiday chalets.
  • Luxury properties on golf courses.
  • Ultimate luxury private islands.

No matter what the desired location or lifestyle is, leave it to our professional team to find you the best home that matches your personality and flair.

Through harnessing the experience and knowledge of our extensive network of partner agents, we provide invaluable local expertise and the ability to manage our clients needs on the ground.Our select partnership network is comprised office in 5 countries and ensures that we are a very key player in the world’s most desirable locations, including:

  • Monaco
  • French Riviera
  • Marbella
  • London
  • Dubai

We are also experts in niche markets including French chateaux and boutique hotels and have a large selection of super prime properties. Below are the key types of properties we offer our clients:

Modern apartments in city centers

  • Modern apartments to match the big-city lifestyle
  • Luxury amenities, including concierge services, swimming pools, spas, and much more
  • Breathtaking views, roof-top terraces, private gardens, security.
  • Prestigious locations in NYC, London, Paris, Dubai, Hong-Kong.
  • Professional property management and resident services

Stylish apartments with heritage flair

  • Historic buildings with unique heritage and style
  • Timeless architecture, solid structures with tick walls, large windows, and high-ceilings
  • In limited supply for generational wealth creation
  • Ultra prestigious locations in London, Paris, New York, Geneva, and other cities
  • Professional property management and resident services

Stunning chateaus and castles

  • Unmatched historic value and uniqueness
  • Private and secluded locations on large plots of land
  • Majestic architecture with monumental staircases, chandeliers, double doors, and many other heritage elements
  • Modern amenities, including tennis courts, heli-pads, swimming pools, and more
  • Professional property management and on-site staff available.

Luxury waterfront villas and residences

  • Exclusive waterfront lifestyle properties
  • Architectural diversity to match individual preferences
  • International locations across Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the Americas
  • Beautifully designed and finished with elegant and top quality materials
  • Professional property management and on-site staff available

Mountain chalets for winters & summers

  • Homes in the high mountains for perfect adventure and relaxation
  • Prime ski resort locations in Switzerland, France, Austria, U.S., and other countries
  • Proximity of ski slopes, restaurants, shopping, medical facilities
  • Luxurious amenities, including indoor pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, and more
  • Professional property management and on-site staff available

Golf resort luxury properties

  • Perfect homes at or near golf courses
  • Ideal locations to match individual golfing and local culture preferences
  • Newly built property investment opportunities for golfing enthusiasts
  • Exclusive club membership introductions and assistance
  • Professional property management and on-site staff available

Private island for ultimate luxury

  • Privacy, freedom, nature, space, own kingdom
  • Limited supply of ~2,000 conveniently located islands around the world that can be developed
  • Unspoiled nature, water surroundings, private beaches, flowers, and beautiful views
  • Convenience of private harbours, helipad, and luxury on-island amenities
  • Professional property management and on-site staff available