Private Off-Market Properties

Just as your luxury home is one of a kind, the process of selling should be unique to you and your needs. At Lepidus Property, we recognize that not all home sellers follow the traditional route when putting their home on the market. For some, a private listing can be the right method to sell their luxury home.

We offer a variety of marketing approaches to meet our high-end clients’ needs and develop a customized approach that works best for you individually. One of our experienced professionals can help you understand how a private exclusive listing works, so you can evaluate this approach and determine if it is right for you.

What is a Private Off-Market Listing?

A Private Off-Market Listing is a home sale that is not advertised on online portals, so it is not marketed to the greater public or other real estate brokerages. Rather, it is sold off-market via more private marketing endeavors, including word-of-mouth and personal referrals among select agents that work with clients seeking high-end properties.

Reasons to Consider Selling via Private Exclusive

For homeowners who place a high value on their security and privacy, as well as owners of exquisite high-value luxury properties, a private exclusive listing can be appealing. High-profile sellers—who may want to limit potential media coverage of their property sale, whether for business or personal reasons—benefit from the narrow yet targeted exposure their property will receive as a private exclusive.

While a standard sale places a property on thousands of websites for consumers and the media to see, a private sale reaches only a limited audience—often hand-selected by your luxury Realtor. With a private exclusive, your agent can focus their marketing efforts on a smaller, more select pool of qualified buyers, garnering valuable insights on the property and potentially selling it without having to open it to the world.

We Look Forward to Helping You Sell Your Home

Our focus is to make sure our clients are well educated and understand all the options available when it comes to selling their home. Whatever that choice, we’ll leverage our vast resources and networks to guide you toward a successful sale.