We at Lepidus Property, recognize that every home seller has their own requirements and not everyone prefers following the traditional route. Thus, we offer off-market property listing services so that you can list your luxury home in the right way.

Private off-market listings are not advertised in the conventional platforms. Instead, we make private marketing efforts to sell them off-market, which include personal referrals amongst selected agents that have partnered with clients that seek high-end luxury properties. We ensure that your luxury property goes in the right hands to someone who’s worthy of it.

Our experienced professionals are well-versed in off-market properties and their procedures and are well-equipped to provide a customized selling approach for your residence. They also ensure that you are informed of the process and help you understand the ins and outs of the market so that you can determine what approach will work for you.

We take special care of homeowners who value their privacy and security by limiting media coverage regarding their properties and offering targeted exposure to your desired buyers.

With private listings, our agents make more focused marketing efforts on qualified buyers so that we don’t have to open your property to the world and maintain its exclusivity and charm.

Lepidus Property ensures that you are educated and informed of our marketing approaches and the options available to you for selling your luxury home. We leverage our experience, resources and networks to provide you with the best selling experience that you could hope for.